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States Self-Insurers RRG, Inc.

222 South Ninth Street, Suite 2700

Minneapolis, MN  55402-3332

1-800-640-0345 ext. 3310


​States is a member-owned company providing excess liability insurance coverages to cities, counties, school districts and other public entities across the country. States can be accessed by Agents/Brokers or by direct contact.


​States' insured member entities actually own the insurance company.

As owners, States' insured member entities have a real voice in the Company's operations through the election of the Board of Trustees, the ability to volunteer to serve on States' boards and committees, and attendance at an annual Meeting of the Members.

States' broad form policy language was developed by public entity risk managers, attorneys and insurance professionals which allows for the broadest coverage due to limited exclusions and favorable policyholder interpretations.

States is one of the only, if not the only, excess liability insurer that provides members with hands on, on-site loss control and claims management services.

Because insured members are the owners of the insurance company, States acts as their insurance "partner" and not a dictatorial insurance company, which is particularly important when claims arise.​

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